for engaging with your favorite creators.
We are selling pre-listing Tokens at discounted rates for Investors with handful of others deals such as Revenue Share, Equity and many more .

All the technology giants are minting billions of dollars on users' data without sharing any part of it. The major share of profits is taken by the intermediaries and a fraction of profits is shared with the creators, and users' usually don't get anything except for the content. Basically, intermediaries leverage their position and exploit users and even creators at some level.

Our platform is driven with the fundamental idea of creating a more balanced wealth distribution in the society where the main stakeholders, creators and users, are rewarded fairly. We make this possible using the power of decentralization.

Our ecosystem will facilitate direct connect between the creators and their fans while rewarding everyone in the ecosystem through its state-of-the-art Community rewards protocol (CRP).
On a mission to change at least 1 Billion lives.
Best Tokenized Asset of the Year
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Key highlights of the platform
A One Stop Solution ecosystem for minting and sharding NFTs through to marketplace to sell, trade, bid and rent.
Connected community with incentives through community rewards protocol (CRP)
Social Tokens for Creators.
Integrated crypto exchange Swapefi.
How do we achieve that balance
This disruption would be achieved by NFT (Non-Fungible Token) based platform that would act as a bridge between creators & their followers and cementing them with the automatic sharing of the revenues.
Community Rewards Protocol (CRP)
CRP is a mechanism through which all of the stakeholders in the MyTC ecosystem will be rewarded using various parameters. The protocol will enable us to create community specific incentives for the creators and bringing in equilibrium in the wealth distribution in the society.
Minting and sharding of

Each creator by default gets a social token
at the time of sign up
Social tokens containing NFTs and sharded NFTs would be ranked resulting in highest possible exposure, traction and liquidity
Native token MyTC to mint, access and do various other activities
Integrated crypto-exchange, Swapefi to take care of onboarding fiat & fiat/crypto conversions
Community Rewards Protocol
MYTC - How Can Everyone Benefit From A Token
World's First NFT Tokenized Stand For Emerging Technologies
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Our Team
We are a group of visionary, experienced and aligned workforce focussed on contributing to the Crypto Verse.
Mru Patel
Serial entrepreneur with more than 3 decades of experience in tech and handling multi million dollar global projects
Patent holder with more than 16 years of experience in successfully commissioning multiple sophisticated software projects.
Georgiana Dogaru
Press and Media Director
Rahul Pandey
Co Founder
Mohit Prashant
Director Swapefi Exchange and Trading Bot
Balbir Judge
Business Development
Gaurav Arora
Legal and Compliance
Our Upcoming Events
African Blockchain Week 2021 Morocco
Mr. MRU Patel , chairman and founder of MYTC is a keynote and panelist Speaker.
The Leading Annual Non‑Fungible Token Event 2021 Times Square NYC
Mr. MRU Patel , chairman and founder of MYTC is a keynote and panelist Speaker.
Contact us:
Mru Patel – Chairman & Founder
Whatsapp: +447730781365
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